who are we

As a lifestyle brand we focus on our community first and foremost. We embody our values and our aim is to show how our lives can be enriched by taking a step back from the modern world and embracing a simpler, more natural way to exist.

Wild Supplements

We offer a wide range of natural, plant based supplements to assist you with your daily life. Wether it be to ease the symptoms of anxiety, help you exercise harder or manage your stress levels in a healthy way we are positive we can find a supplement to suit you.

We search far and wide to find the best quality supplements we can find. We don't use any fillers or binders in our capsules so you are guaranteed a clean, natural product you can trust.


Wild Clothing

We have teamed up with Teemill to bring you a range of clothing that looks cool, feels amazing and is friendly to our beautiful planet.

We use Organic Cotton which is better for the producers and the ecosystem in which it's produced. Instead of using toxic pesticides and fertilisers, co planting and insect traps are used along with a special ingredient - cow poo!

During the manufacturing process every part of the plant is used. If it doesn't end up in the physical product it is used as cow food or the oils are squeezed out to be used in food products.

The manufacturing plant is powered by renewable energy in the way of a solar farm and two wind farms.

These really are feel good clothes that feel good!


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