Sea Moss


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Nutrient Rich & Antioxidant

Sea Moss

60 x 800mg Capsules (30 day supply)

Sea Moss is a species of red algae found growing on the Atlantic coast of North America, Europe and the Caribbean Islands. It is nutrient dense and contains almost every mineral you require for optimal nutritional support and  to maintain better health.

Sea Moss has numerous benefits and has been used for decades. Containing 92 of the body's 102 essential minerals it truly is a superfood that can support and protect the nervous system, aid digestion and also act as a complete multivitamin. We prefer to use powdered Sea Moss, rather than make gels, as it lasts longer and the dosage can be easily monitored.


  • Fast post-workout recovery
  • Promotes healthy digestion
  • Rich in essential minerals


Sea Moss (Chondrus crispus), Pullulan capsule.

How to use

We suggest taking a maximum of 2 capsules daily. If you'd rather not swallow a capsule then you can simply pull it apart and empty out the contents in to any food or warm drink.


    Sea Moss acts as a thinner. Due to this, people using blood thinners should not use Sea Moss in any form.