Pine Needle Tea - 50g


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Our Pine Needle Tea is harvested in the Wild forests of Romania where the workers carefully process the needles before packing them and sending them over to us.

 Drinking Pine Needle Tea dates back centuries, particularly among the indigenous peoples of North America. While many of them consumed it because of its medicinal qualities, they almost certainly enjoyed its flavour.

Human Oxidation is a natural process in the body. Oxidative stress, on the other hand, is an imbalance of free radical activity and antioxidant activity, one that contributes to numerous chronic conditions.

There is no easy "fix all" solution to such a process, however, by drinking Pine Needle Tea regularly you will be reducing the risks of developing a multitude of ailments.

Particularly sought after for its immune boosting properties, its ability to fight of respiratory illness and its high levels of both vitamin C and vitamin A, it also tastes delicious!


Add 1 or 2 teaspoons of Pine Needles to a tea infuser and plonk it in your favourite mug.

Pour freshly boiled water in your mug and leave to steep for 5-10 minutes.

Enjoy as it is or add some lemon and/or honey to taste.


100% White Pine Needles